grew up in Sweden with a very close connection to nature and as a result nature has come to be my greatest inspiration. I have always been a collector and cannot help picking up things from the ground, taking photographs and noticing all the little details in the forest, on the beach or on the street.

I enjoy both the small details and the patterns and forms that make up larger structures in the natural world, the micro and the macro. Sometimes the physical objects I collect become part of my jewellery as they are or through casting; other times the forms I see inspire me to make my own versions in materials such as wax or metal. I enjoy working intuitively with materials and through experimentation they guide me to new forms.

I have a BA of Visual Arts (Jewellery and Object) from Sydney College of the Arts, Australia. The past few years I have lived in Costa Rica, but I am currently back working from Sweden. Being a traveller and having lived in many countries I have many places to long and belong to, at times challenging but also great source of inspiration and life experience.

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